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matricide / матереубийство, матереубийца
имя существительное
matricide, parricide
matricide, parricide
имя существительное
the killing of one's mother.
a man suspected of matricide
In my heart I was already no longer the big angry man, but a stupid and selfish little boy who was on the point of committing matricide .
We get little real sense of the inner torment suffered by the matricide Orestes and his sister-accomplice Electra, who, like Hamlet, have been handed the task of committing murder to avenge their father and restore order.
After a series of twists and turns, Orestes makes himself known to Electra and they avenge their father's murder by committing an act of matricide .
The Chorus of Furies insists that no one can save him from their clutches, because the crime of matricide is an unforgivable sin no matter what, adding that they want to drain away all of his blood and take his life.
He is at pains to point out that, rather than committing the usual matricide / patricide so common in the intellectual sphere, his paper augments my interpretation, superimposing one interpretation over the other.
The would-be matricide , by the way, will not be charged and social services are dealing with the matter.
After this act of matricide , James' descent into evil feels almost Shakespearean.
I stayed there for a few minutes and considered if I'd be able to plead temporary insanity when I committed matricide .
I can even, to a lesser degree, comprehend stalkers, serial killers, matricide , fratricide, genocide.
Although the historical characters that make up the cast are a pretty unsavory crew, all thoughts of murder, mayhem, and matricide were still in the future when Agrippina plotted to make her son, Nero, Rome's emperor.