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matriarchy / матриархат
имя существительное
имя существительное
a system of society or government ruled by a woman or women.
A famous woman ruled during the period of the matriarchy (when women held the majority of power).
Chamorro culture is a matriarchy , meaning that the women are central to the culture's survival.
a matriarchy run by morally superior women
Another 1970s strategy of empowerment was to turn to the misty past and recast prehistory in a hopeful light: perhaps a Neolithic matriarchy predated the Iron Age patriarchy.
Part of their theorizing around matriarchy comes from their mother, who insisted that despite their different fathers the fact that they all came out of her meant that they were sisters - nothing more, nothing less.
All I'm saying is that it is wrong to replace a patriarchy with a matriarchy , because then nothing is learned, no insights are gained and no real cooperation between men and women is achieved.
The activists sided with his mother-in-law, thus appearing to support matriarchy over patriarchy.
They form a matriarchy , a herd of females led by the dominant matriarch, who all band together to raise and protect and teach each other and their young calves.
Matrilineal kinship does not mean that there is a matriarchy .
This is by no means to argue that a return to matriarchy would be either possible or desirable.
Interesting how far the story of the pre-existing matriarchy goes back.