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matey / общительный, компанейский, дружественный
имя прилагательное
communicative, sociable, outgoing, gregarious, companionable, matey
convivial, matey, maty
friendly, matey, pally, maty, xenial, hail-fellow
имя существительное
friend, buddy, pal, mate, man, matey
buddy, old boy, old fellow, bud, matey, chummy
имя прилагательное
familiar and friendly; sociable.
a fixed, matey grin
имя существительное
used as a familiar and sometimes hostile form of address, especially to a stranger.
“Shove off, matey, she's mine.”
He, matey thoroughgoing professional that he is, suffers from nothing of the sort.
Go and meet some real workers some day and support an under dog for once instead of the managerial ‘over dog’, matey .
He could drink as much as the next man, but there was still something about him that seemed to hold back as the evening developed into the usual matey banter about football rivalries.
By an amazing twist of fate, matey , you're talking to the bloke with an honours degree in Spanish and Portuguese.
The fans imagined they knew Lennon through his posturing, sincere or not; McCartney through his matey charm; Starr through his scouser-comic bit.
It was this matey mentality that he, obsessed with his specialness, found maddening.
And I thought, ‘Just you DARE say something rude, matey , and I'll be onto you!’
Besides - I haven't heard from YOU in a while either matey !
The pub's sole other occupant, a middle aged man, addressed me in a posh, matey voice.
No wonder you have to take it out on children, matey .