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maternity / материнство
имя существительное
motherhood, maternity, parenthood, parentage
имя существительное
DNA testing was done on the biological mothers to confirm maternity of the children who participated.
In appropriating reproductive power without women, it enacts an appropriation of maternity by patriarchy.
She said when she gave birth to five-month-old Keane, she was left with no benefits at all except maternity pay.
Often they exclude provision for maternity and childcare.
How effortlessly she transcends the symbiotic bonds of maternity !
maternity clothes
A number of these patterns are concerned with maternity and child health.
Ground level contains maternity outpatient services, with paediatric outpatients above.
Expectant mothers can register at any maternity or child welfare centre.
But it's maternity and motherhood that are the issues closest to her heart and first off her tongue.
It's not easy being pregnant and finding nice maternity clothes.