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materially / материально, вещественно, существенным образом
существенным образом
essentially, materially
substantially; considerably.
materially different circumstances
in terms of wealth or material possessions.
a materially and culturally rich area
His interpretation of those events was slightly, but hardly materially , different.
The golden age envisaged here may, perhaps, be spiritually rich, but it is materially poor.
Fluctuations in the exchange rate which materially effect the value of European investments are eliminated through currency hedging.
But compared to you I am materially wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.
But what if the adjudicator finds the facts to be materially different?
The statement was ‘false in material particulars and materially misleading’.
The evidence is clear: in spite of being materially richer, people in rich countries are emotionally poorer.
He noted that most police statements were recorded in broken English and differed materially from evidence by witnesses.
For all his stiffness and faults, his people were materially a lot better off then than they are now; it's the price of bread that matters most.
a materially and culturally rich area