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materialize / материализоваться, материализовать, осуществляться
materialize, reify
materialize, come to life
(of a ghost, spirit, or similar entity) appear in bodily form.
There must be strange entities materializing from the ether, ghouls, ghosts, or spirits hanging out in the material world to warn or haunt us.
become actual fact; happen.
the assumed savings may not materialize
Why did he keep looking over his shoulder as if expecting for an assassin to materialize out of the shadows?
Indeed, in the film, the ocean can project and materialize the deepest thoughts that lie in the minds of the humans living close by.
the assumed savings may not materialize
When the boom failed to materialize , eventually the scam got so large that it could no longer be hidden, and the entire house of cards came tumbling down.
a medium, she was reputed to materialize substances
the train didn't materialize
The salaries did in fact later materialize , and living within salaries is no form of corruption.
This is also the case in selecting the ways and means to materialize them.
With a sense of morbid fascination, she peered into the darkness, waiting for the monster to materialize .
the forecast rate of increase did not materialize