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materiality / материальность, существенность, важность
имя существительное
materiality, corporeality, materialness, corporeity, corporality
materiality, essentiality
importance, significance, import, concern, magnitude, materiality
имя существительное
the quality or character of being material or composed of matter.
First, the intangibility of speech better mirrors the materiality of ultimate reality (which is abstract, not concrete).
giving a materiality to space
Contemporary art theories have challenged students to explore the materiality of ceramics.
Its materiality could only have the quality of materiality if it did more than record the bare fact that this was, in fact, a lease without the mortgagee's consent.
The materiality of the icon is thrown into doubt.
the applicant must establish materiality on the balance of probabilities
the exhibition explores the materiality of the body
The phantoms of ideology have prevailed over the materiality of want and need.
As a matter of fact, I sympathise with their desire to produce design that refers to itself and to its context as a way of asserting the materiality of the medium.
The Tribunal must consider the materiality and substantiality of the employer's reason.
It is the materiality of the film stock that situates an indexical link with the past.