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matchwood / спичечная соломка
имя существительное
спичечная соломка
имя существительное
very small pieces or splinters of wood.
their boat was shattered into matchwood against the rocks
Show us how easily this Universe can make matchwood of our dreams!
In 1908, an asteroid or comet about 60 metres long exploded over Siberia with the force of 600 times the Hiroshima bomb, reducing a 40-km wide patch of forest to matchwood .
But when, on 17 December, Captain Bonaparte's gunners drove the British and Spanish troops from the key forts on those heights, Admiral Hood saw that he must evacuate the port immediately or have his fleet shot to matchwood .
He signed for his new home at 11 am on Christmas Eve, which by dawn on Christmas day was matchwood .
In the interview, Bill told of being on the ferry when the torpedo from the midget submarine turned it to matchwood and took 21 lives.
They had built a breakwater so ineffectual that any boat taking overnight shelter behind it was likely to be smashed to matchwood on the rocks.
Seismic shifts under the sea bed created a massive wall of water which instantly turned coastal communities into so much matchwood .
In May, a long period of heavy rain caused the Silie River, usually an inconspicuous trickle of water, to change into a roaring, ten-foot-tall tidal wave that one night swept ramshackle wooden shacks away like matchwood .
A strangled scream escaped my throat as the great white shark ripped the protective cage to pieces, as if it was made of matchwood
Boats were pounded to matchwood on the savage, foam-lashed rocks below.