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matchmaker / сваха, сват, антрепренер
имя существительное
matchmaker, marriage-broker, go-between
entrepreneur, impresario, matchmaker
имя существительное
a person who arranges relationships and marriages between others, either informally or, in certain cultural communities, as a formal occupation.
Other men asked a matchmaker to arrange marriages for them.
Anyway, being a professional matchmaker really appeals to me.
She prefers to think of herself as a piano matchmaker .
Marriages often are brokered by a matchmaker since the economic aspects of marriage require experienced calculation.
This type of lover may profit from working with a matchmaker or a computer dating service, in which inappropriate relationship candidates will be screened out.
Marriages are often arranged by the families through the services of a matchmaker or go-between, and commence with a ritual celebration, or wedding.
an enthusiastic matchmaker who continually tried to pair off the difficult bachelor with unattached ladies
the company acts as an employment matchmaker for the financial services industry
Other men asked a matchmaker to arrange marriages for them.
She dubbed herself an official matchmaker and dispensed all sorts of advice to her brother.
The marriage of her own parents were arranged through a matchmaker and they were married without even meeting each other first.