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matchbox / спичечная коробка
имя существительное
спичечная коробка
имя существительное
a small box in which matches are sold.
The collection includes a horse so small it was originally sold in a matchbox and an 8ft rocking horse large enough to seat three children at once.
It's just like when you were a kid and you made your own tracks for your matchbox cars around the house.
her matchbox apartment
He scrambled through 14 tonnes of waste to find the tiny jewellery case - no bigger than a large matchbox .
That was a real, heavy metal train carriage, not a matchbox toy.
I have some matchbox cars left over.
Naturally I thought that he'd have a little box like a snuff box or a matchbox and he'd blow them away as we'd usually seen it done.
Anyway, I was mooching along Tottenham Court Road at lunchtime, and this store was selling little weeny teeny digital cameras, about the size of a matchbox .
From the air Darwin looks like a matchbox town that has been crushed by a giant foot.
Oddly, one architect likes to keep his matchbox car collection in his cabinet alongside his vintage shaving gear.
However while the others played together Johnny played by himself with toy airplanes and matchbox cars.