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masticate / пережевывать, жевать, месить
chew, masticate
chew, munch, masticate, chaw
knead, work, masticate, batter, brake, impaste
chew (food).
They do not have the molars that humans use for masticating their food and it is impossible for them to keep their mouths shut while chewing.
Out of the corner of my eye, I had seen her unwrap the gum, pop the wad in her mouth and masticate it experimentally.
Spines at the base of the tongue grind against spiny ridges on the palate to masticate food.
Additionally, cats do not masticate meat, and the peglike first upper molar does not occlude with any tooth of the lower jaw, so it serves no clear function.
All in all, almost everyone involved (plus quite a few others) had been implicated, with the exception of Tom, who continued to masticate the meat chunk ferally.
The molars masticate the food and move across a field like a lawn mower.
And up on a branch, it sat, eyeing me cheekily, and continued to masticate the fruits of my labours.
try to masticate slowly
The botched banquet is a mortifying experience, and in my time I have served squid cooked until it had the texture, nutritional value and masticatory pleasure of a big rubber band.
Questions of race and uncertain identities are masticated into stringy chewing gum.
If each pack of synthetic gum was increased to cost 50p more it would encourage miscreant masticators to think twice about spitting it on the floor.