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masthead / топ мачты, название газеты, выходные данные газеты
имя существительное
топ мачты
название газеты
выходные данные газеты
поднимать на стеньгах
посылать на топ мачты
имя существительное
the highest part of a ship's mast or of the lower section of a mast.
Traditionally, mastheads and yardarms of RN ships were decorated with bunches of greenery, a task carried out by the boatswain's party in the dark hours of the night on December 24.
the title of a newspaper or magazine at the head of the front or editorial page.
On the front page of this newspaper, above the masthead , you will find our motto ‘Born To Make A Difference’.
send (a sailor) to the masthead, especially as a punishment.
Plus, for the actors, there's the chance to utter the kind of lines - "Get below, sir, or I'll masthead you!"
raise (a flag or sail) to the masthead.
The most unusual object we shipped was the masthead from the cruise ship Andrea Doria.
Her bowsprit carries two foresails, and her large mainsail is gaff rigged, with an upside-down triangle of topsail to fill the gap at the masthead .
The masthead for the current edition consists of three editorial staff and seven staff members.
He also painted scenes he could not see by raising the eye level to the height of a ship's masthead to get a more interesting view.
Every day for over a month on the front page of the paper, right next to the masthead , they publish a countdown to the start of the World Cup.
Advisory Editors currently serving on the board are listed on the masthead .
His influence is so great that the title of publications director was created for him, and his name is above the editor in chief's on the masthead .
the paper lists forty smart writers on its masthead
The first stamp shows a sailor sighting land from the masthead of the 1502 ship.
I still tend to think of myself as a newcomer to the magazine, having been on the masthead for only one-fifth of the now 100 issues.