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mastery / мастерство, господство, власть
имя существительное
skill, craftsmanship, mastery, workmanship, excellence, mastership
domination, rule, dominance, dominating, supremacy, mastery
power, authority, rule, control, grip, mastery
имя существительное
comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment.
she played with some mastery
control or superiority over someone or something.
man's mastery over nature
Thus, additional practice and greater skill mastery is recommended in preparation for night diving activities.
The pioneer legend had asserted human mastery over nature; ‘wilderness’ asserted the moral claim of nature over humans.
The multiple-choice questions do not give the opportunity for the student to convey his mastery on the subject.
Yet mastery of some knowledge and the art of control is the secret of success.
Every inhabitant of the city, however great or humble, seeks to achieve some measure of mastery over it.
He is seated on a tiger skin, a symbol of power, showing his mastery over the animal world.
It is in the early years that languages can most easily be learned, and the mastery of a second language makes that of a third even easier.
The mastery of at least two languages as well as the mother tongue is essential to secure the future of British society.
Narcissism and narcissistic identification both involve phantasies of power, omnipotence, mastery and control.
The excitement comes from its depiction of mastery over the void, made possible by the invention of a new skin - the space suit.