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masterpiece / шедевр
имя существительное
masterpiece, masterwork, chef-d'oeuvre
имя существительное
a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.
a great literary masterpiece
The next hurdle was to produce a masterpiece that would satisfy the master of the guild so that he could assume the title of master craftsmen and would thus get membership in the guild.
You have trivialized a great masterpiece of Indian cinema.
Prometheus unbound was composed between 1937 and 1944 and the English composer is said to have considered it his masterpiece .
the car was a masterpiece of space-age technology
a musical masterpiece
This resulted in the practice of an apprentice producing a " masterpiece " at the end of his training which he presented to the guild's officers as proof of his ability to practice the trade.
A masterpiece by Claude Monet, not seen in public for over a century, is on sale to the highest bidder.
He dreamt of it as the ultimate in garden cities and he regarded it as his masterpiece .
First of all, the museum would be an architectural masterpiece .
the painting is arguably Picasso's masterpiece