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mastermind / вдохновитель, руководитель, выдающийся ум
имя существительное
inspirer, mastermind, encourager, father, begetter
head, leader, manager, director, supervisor, mastermind
выдающийся ум
имя прилагательное
выдающийся ум
control, manage, run, drive, operate, mastermind
lead, guide, manage, direct, run, mastermind
имя существительное
a person with an outstanding intellect.
an eminent musical mastermind
plan and direct (an ingenious and complex scheme or enterprise).
he was accused of masterminding a gold-smuggling racket
Being the intelligent evil mastermind , he had already devised a scheme to rid him of the burden.
He had been the mastermind behind the whole plan, I was sure he could get us out of all of this trouble.
Standing tall, black hood and mask concealing all but his yellow eyes, and carrying his deactivated double-edged saber, was the mastermind of this entire plan.
It turns out that he's currently working on a project with my favorite Ethiopian musical mastermind .
But you need a thoroughbred forensic expert to put the pieces together, to search for the missing links, to finally point fingers at the mastermind behind a crime.
He believes the film makers clearly identified him as the mastermind behind the murder despite his acquittal at the Special Criminal Court.
The search for a foreign mastermind of the attacks, however, has so far not panned out.
the mastermind behind the project
So who was the mastermind who devised the scheme in the first place?
Guitarist and producer Dave is a PhD student at Columbia, and a musical mastermind .