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masterclass / мастер класс
мастер класс
master class
имя существительное
a class, especially in music, given by an expert to highly talented students.
Pavarotti appeared at a masterclass for young singers
The young cellist impressed enough during her masterclass to become the second award recipient that week.
he gave a masterclass in midfield
He will give a masterclass on how to write music for this type of film.
We met in Caracas and I studied some Chopin at her masterclasses .
The programme itself is very varied with theatrical performances, classical concerts, lectures, workshops, masterclasses and opera.
In addition, throughout his life, he travelled the world, giving performances, lectures and masterclasses .
Held over five weeks, the school features concerts, courses, masterclasses , workshops, exhibitions and lectures open to people of all ages and abilities.
The February event includes masterclasses in traditional music, singing and set dancing along with a celebrity concert.
For many years he held masterclasses at the Conservatoire de Paris and Helskinki's Sibelius Academy.