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mast / мачта, плодокорм
имя существительное
mast, post, girder, stick
pannage, mast
имя прилагательное
ставить мачты
имя существительное
a tall upright post, spar, or other structure on a ship or boat, in sailing vessels generally carrying a sail or sails.
Also in the water were strange vessels, with no masts or sails, built of gunmetal-gray metals that seemed impervious to the rust that had afflicted the dock facilities.
(in the US Navy) a session of court presided over by the captain of a ship, especially to hear cases of minor offenses.
It didn't cost him anything, but he had a record of being at Captain's mast and it said, "Appropriate punishment was assigned by the Captain."
the fruit of beech, oak, chestnut, and other forest trees, especially as food for pigs and wild animals.
He explains that the native rats ate many kinds of berries, beech mast , and other wholesome foods of the forest.
The narrow trunk cabin terminates just aft of the main mast and provides wide side decks for sure footing.
All sites experienced at least one mast failure, and mast failure years were generally consistent across sites.
The billowing white sail on the mast seemed to blend in with the far off clouds that covered the horizon.
They cut the mast and sails loose and watched as it vanished into the depths below.
Seedlings became established in patches in new locations in each successive mast year for several reasons.
Regional synchrony for mast crops has been postulated by previous authors.
At one point on the drive up, a lightning bolt hit a radio mast 100m away from us.
A similar application for the installation of a temporary mast on the same land was rejected in October.
However, red chokeberry might contribute more soft mast for wildlife consumption.
As he drew closer he saw the different parts of the ship: the bulkhead, the mast , and the tattered remains of a sail.