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massif / массив, горный массив
имя существительное
massif, solid, block
горный массив
имя существительное
a compact group of mountains, especially one that is separate from other groups.
Only in the less fertile areas, such as the foothills of the mountain massifs , does the land seem to have been parcelled out among small proprietors.
The Kirsehir-Nigde massif formed a promontory of this continental margin.
The latter portrays the geography of the country; the central massif is signified by three mountain peaks in the center of two oceans, each featuring a Spanish ship.
A few clouds drifted by, sweated out from the massif , a three-sided pyramid that was the highest coastal mountain range on earth, only thirty miles from the Caribbean as the crow flew.
Beyond, out of sight, rise the peaks of the Grampian massif , the high heart of Scotland with its austere tracks leading to lonely places.
Turning north Michael passes through the dramatic mountains of the Hoggar massif before he pauses in the oil and gas fields of central Algeria.
From this elevated viewpoint the peaks of the Paine massif appeared as tightly packed turrets in some fairyland castle.
And my third is a mountain massif just about rugged enough to match its inhabitants.
This station is only 8 km away from the highest peaks of the Peñalara massif .
That evening we saw the muscled snow-streaked contours of the massif from up close when we dined at a mountain restaurant at Sunegga which can be reached only after a steep ride in a funicular.
He is named after a mountain in the Pirin massif and dad's an alpinist.