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masseuse / массажистка
имя существительное
masseuse, rubber
имя существительное
a female masseur.
We followed the female masseuse back into the spa and discovered that there was no way upstairs.
I had been told by my work colleagues that the unassuming green door near my flat was that of a blind masseuse .
The spa is, for the most part, outdoors, so as the masseuse pounded me with hot stones, I listened to the sounds of the rainforest and the hotsprings rushing.
The masseuse said she'd never known anyone with such knotted shoulders.
Even more convenient, the makers promise that a 20-minute session gives the same effects as a one-hour session from a human masseuse .
I have taken the precaution of booking a masseuse ; after the powerful jets have done their work she starts hers.
I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse and the love of my life.
She also makes natural hair-care products and has a masseuse and makeup artist on staff.
The 32-year-old hip-hop star has also requested a personal masseuse to be on hand at all times and a selection of low-carb health products
Having had a two-hour massage the day before, I greatly appreciated the skills of my masseuse .
The masseuse applied fragrant medicated oils on the head and body in plentiful measure as one lay on a high wooden plank on the secluded verandah of an open walled courtyard.