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masseur / массажист
имя существительное
masseur, massagist, rubber
имя существительное
a person, especially a man, who provides massages professionally.
Free massages will be provided by 120 blind masseurs and there will be performances by visually impaired artists.
Today the health and fitness awareness week will end with staff receiving a back, neck and shoulder massage by a qualified masseur .
Obviously a good masseur / masseuse will quickly tell you that giving massage involves the whole body, but the hands are the main player.
I was nervous about my first massage, but my masseur , Tony, managed to ease away the aches and pains of a working life spent hunched over a keyboard.
Guests include a podiatrist, a sports masseur , a foot scanner technician for determining the ideal running shoe, personal trainers, dieticians to name but a few.
the capable hands of a master masseur
Working as a masseur has been, up to now, the main job opportunity for blind people in the city.
If your massage is too limp, tell the masseur that you would like more pressure.
For example, would there be a masseur or a massage therapist who might deal specifically with the strength-oriented sports?
He is turning into quite a professional masseur and nothing is too much trouble.
This is followed by a specially prescribed breakfast after which guests enjoy long therapeutic sessions with therapists and masseurs .