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mass-market / массовый рынок
массовый рынок
массовый рынок
имя существительное
the market for goods that are produced in large quantities.
mobile technologies have hit the mass market
market (a product) on a large scale.
since the demise of the small local breweries, the only beers available have been mass-produced, homogenized, and mass-marketed
That will require a move away from the business and trade press where its advertising has been concentrated and into more mass-market media like outdoor and TV.
Promoters who mass-market tax dodges now must disclose their deals and customers' names.
But researchers say costs will come down rapidly over the next decade or so as engineers perfect and mass-market the devices.
That would easily make it the world's most expensive mass-market razor.
Eventually, the Internet may reconfigure how customers think of mass-market brands.
Most have found that a mass-market approach doesn't work.
The potential mass-market appeal for Internet access as a result of today's proposals should not be underestimated.
What does it mean when our best literary magazines aspire to achieve success by mimicking mass-market general interest magazines?
The pioneer of cheap chic is scoring by selling designer lines at mass-market prices
However, to confuse matters more, models that are being discontinued and mass-market brands are often more attractively priced.