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masquerade / маскарад
имя существительное
masquerade, pageant, mummery, fancy-dress ball
pretend, act, feign, dissemble, play, masquerade
надевать маскарадный костюм
dress up, masquerade
участвовать в маскараде
имя существительное
a false show or pretense.
his masquerade ended when he was arrested
pretend to be someone one is not.
a journalist masquerading as a man in distress
The mainly young protesters, many in their teens, defied the security forces' assaults and chanted slogans against the upcoming presidential elections, calling it a masquerade .
Subsequently, the duke joins in on the masquerade , play-acting the threat of sexual violence - a rehearsal for his actions later in the film.
This belief makes each of the parties put up the masquerade up to the very end in the hope that once the prize is won, they would be able to jettison the other parties.
Someone call the Washington Times and alert them to this sly wolfish masquerade !
Or, how can one study a masquerade without discussing the physical mask, the apparent centerpiece of any masquerade ?
Some were dressed in costumes made from animal heads or fur - the origin of the contemporary Halloween masquerade .
his masquerade ended when he was arrested
This reverse process can make these viewers unknowingly complicit with their own duping through artfully crafted masquerade .
dressing up, role playing, and masquerade
But still, ever since I began this masquerade , I had tried to change everything.