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mason / каменщик, масон, каменотес
имя существительное
mason, bricklayer, stonemason, builder
mason, freemason
mason, stonecutter, hewer
вести кладку
строить из камня или кирпича
имя существительное
a builder and worker in stone.
And her father, a retired stone mason , showed her how to carve up the hill into level, plantable tiers.
a Freemason.
He is similarly unconvinced, taking the grand master of the Masons at his word when he denied that the man had been a member.
build from or strengthen with stone.
The derelict planks of the entrance creak and whine open; a gust of incensed wind trespasses our slice of heaven for a second, and then someone standing at the foot of the masoned steps points up into the shaft: ‘Ahi, Tonin's come!’
When the granite was being installed for steps and a retaining wall in the formal garden, Paul supervised the mason very carefully.
Demonstrations by rural craftsmen will feature the work of the thatcher, stone mason , wheelwright, blacksmith, bodger, cooper, cane and rush weaver and stick maker.
I recommend you consult with a professional mason in your area.
the chief mason at Westminster Abbey
And her father, a retired stone mason , showed her how to carve up the hill into level, plantable tiers.
An understanding of the basic bond types enhances the ability of the designer and mason to build beautiful brickwork with authentic patterns.
To use the device, the mason places the stone to be cut on small blocks so that it is slightly higher than the stone to be copied.
Look at the mortar and bricks on your chimney; you may need a mason to make necessary repairs.
As we report in our cover story, each mason had to solve a unique structural challenge to create the piece.
Among family and friends, the couple made their vows and the only person missing on the day was Jim's beloved father John, a well-known stone mason , who sadly passed away a number of years ago.