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masher / пресс, сердцеед, донжуан
имя существительное
press, masher, mill, squeezer
masher, lady-killer
Don Juan, philanderer, masher, philander
имя существительное
a utensil for mashing food.
a potato masher
a man who makes unwelcome sexual advances, often in public places and typically to women he does not know.
Assuming it was some sort of masher , Sam whirled around, prepared to defend Gunny's honor.
Using a potato masher or draining spoon, squash the remaining tomatoes and the garlic into the pan juices.
Remove the pan from the heat and, using a potato masher , roughly mash the contents, keeping some of the texture.
And before you think I am a perverted masher here, let me lay your fears to rest - these are NOT sexual hugs.
With a potato masher , mash the potatoes until relatively fine in texture.
Mash with a potato masher , or whatever else you like to mash things with.
Stir in the rest of the ingredients and use a potato masher to mash everything together, being careful not to scratch the pot's nonstick surface.
a potato masher
Use a potato masher to slightly squash the pieces of pumpkin.
With a potato masher , a blender, a food processor, or at the very least a fork, mix the soup to your liking - chunky or smooth.
One woman wrote in asking why the handle on the potato masher was vertical instead of horizontal.