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mash / пюре, месиво, затор
имя существительное
puree, mash, purée, pap, squash
mash, mess, medley, mixture, hokey, concoction
congestion, mash, traffic jam, logjam, block, jamming
mash, warm up, pommel, malaxate, beetle
заваривать солод кипятком
squash, mash
имя существительное
a uniform mass made by crushing a substance into a soft pulp, sometimes with the addition of liquid.
pound the garlic to a mash
reduce (a food or other substance) to a uniform mass by crushing it.
mash the beans to a paste
(in brewing) mix (powdered malt) with hot water to form wort.
The materials to be distilled are mashed in water.
(with reference to tea) brew or infuse.
Bertha came downstairs ten minutes later and, saying nothing, she set about mashing some tea for them both.
mobile army surgical hospital.
Celeste will kill for profiteroles and ice cream, Daphne for sweet potato and marshmallow mash .
Remove skewers, slice the sausage and serve on a pile of mash .
Serve with creamy mash and blanched buttery cabbage, or try the sliced celeriac dish that follows, which again can be made ahead and reheated to serve.
In seconds it could mash the most alert of minds into jellylike senselessness.
My sister informed me she'd finished her task and gave me the garlic mash which I scattered in a line across the front entry way.
the worst thing you can do is mash the brake pedal
Gabe promptly filled Ethan's bowl to the brim with the contents of that pot, which turned out to be a mash of vegetables.
As the name suggests, the menu contains a lot of sausage and mash and steamed puddings, but it's fun, fast and all wonderfully fattening.
The little brats will only mash it into your lovely oiled floorboards and goatskin rugs.
Place the sweet potato mash in the centre of the plate and then the seared kangaroo on the potato facing inwards.