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mascot / талисман, вещь, приносящая счастье, человек, приносящий счастье
имя существительное
mascot, talisman, amulet, phylactery, joss, medicine
вещь, приносящая счастье
человек, приносящий счастье
имя существительное
a person or thing that is supposed to bring good luck or that is used to symbolize a particular event or organization.
the squadron's mascot was a young lion cub
All that death and sadness is in the past, and we have sporting events right now in need of a comical mascot .
He was actually a mascot for the team at the Reebok Stadium earlier in the year.
He will be the team mascot and will lead the players out onto the pitch.
The work opens with the team leader feeding the team mascot , a fish called Plugger.
the team's dolphin mascot
With him during his epic journey was his mascot , Algy, a large white rabbit.
the squadron's mascot was a young lion cub
Our mascot has been a popular figure at matches and events outside of football.
He is a talented and hardworking player - and seen as a lucky mascot for the team.
Every Saturday during football season, hundreds of men climb into foam and fur costumes to spend 90 minutes cavorting as club mascots .