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marvel / чудо, диво, замечательная вещь
имя существительное
miracle, wonder, marvel, prodigy, wonderwork, portent
замечательная вещь
admire, marvel, delight
be surprised, wonder, marvel, show surprise
marvel, gape
имя существительное
a wonderful or astonishing person or thing.
the marvels of technology
be filled with wonder or astonishment.
she marveled at Jeffrey's composure
The hand-dryer can either be a technological marvel or a complete waste of space.
Charlie, you're a marvel!
If we adopt a responsible approach to our use of the Internet we can only expand our horizons through the marvel of this new technology.
While the salad was wonderful in its simplicity, the baked Camembert was a marvel of complexity.
It's a technological marvel and will give computer gaming a whole new meaning.
Tom and David and I all looked up into the sky yesterday evening and marvelled at the vapour trails.
The film deals with saints, marvels and even miracles and through this you are reminded that there is more to life than money and just making as much of it as possible.
And there I was, flying above it, marvelling at the expanse of shining blue water, dotted with delicate islands, calm as a mirror.
I don't know where I would be without the technological marvels of the twenty-first century.
You can spend a few minutes or a few hours exploring these architectural marvels without ever forgetting you're in the city.