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martyrdom / мученичество, мука
имя существительное
flour, meal, throe, martyrdom, torment, agony
имя существительное
the death or suffering of a martyr.
The persecutions and martyrdoms seemed to have solidified the believers' faith.
Most notable to European eyes at this time was their religious fanaticism and willingness to seek martyrdom through death in battle.
Christianity in the first three centuries was a religion of martyrdom .
His characters lived and understood themselves in a fallen world where martyrdom was often the cost of salvation.
Obedience, suffering, and martyrdom are also the theme of Jesus' words in John 12.
So the following years brought further opposition and persecution, and even martyrdom , to evangelical missionaries in Mexico.
the martyrdom of St Anthony
Rolling his eyes, he moved to join Max in his excavations, sighing in exaggerated martyrdom .
What does the Bible tell us about the ministry, martyrdom , resurrection and ascension of the two witnesses?
you know martyrdom isn't my style
They are the words of the martyrs, martyrdom being the frequent fate of prophets.