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martinet / сторонник строгой дисциплины
имя существительное
сторонник строгой дисциплины
имя существительное
a strict disciplinarian, especially in the armed forces.
The Governor was prone to military simplicity - ‘a perfect martinet in military discipline’ was how the senior official in the Colonial Office described him.
It is run by an ex-army martinet absurdly out of touch and absent-mindedly rooting about in irrelevances.
a martinet of a staff officer
It's often not easy for a manager to ‘walk the tightrope’ between commanding the respect of his team and risk being regarded as a martinet .
the woman in charge was a martinet who treated all those beneath her like children
He had a well-earned reputation as uncompromising martinet .
To the midfielder, the perception of him as a mirthless martinet is a failure to understand the greatest manager this country has produced.
In the worst sense, he was a monomaniacal martinet whose focus on his bailiwick to the exclusion of everything else is phenomenal.
The crew on board the aging vessel is a mix of Namibians, Cubans and white South Africans, overseen by a martinet whom everyone dislikes.
He sits in the court with a sardonic but kindly female family judge and a humourless martinet .
He combined a martinet 's toughness with a passion for exotic pornography, which he would eagerly show to honoured guests in the privacy of his cabin.