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mart / рынок, аукционный зал, торговый центр
имя существительное
market, mart, emporium, rialto
аукционный зал
mart, auction room, saleroom, salesroom
торговый центр
shopping center, shopping mall, emporium, shopping precinct, mart
имя существительное
a trade center or market.
Atlanta's downtown apparel marts
She drove to the gas station/food mart , listening to the radio and singing along.
Park and ride schemes using the auction mart as a base have been included and will exploit the opportunities of canal boats and shuttle buses.
I looked around and confirmed that yes, this was the only store between the food mart and the bottle mart .
a liquor mart
For any normal person, going to small food mart near campus was a simple, commonplace thing.
Residents of the town will be able to use a free shuttle bus to take them up to the auction mart where there will be a feast of food and rural produce.
The arts and handicraft mart would have been great for the village.
These days he hardly went out at all - save to pick up his small son from school or to shop at his community mart or to attend church services.
The company says the auction mart site has been chosen because it is a predominantly light industrial area.
The food mart also has one of those large stainless-steel salad bars with every type of lettuce known to rabbit.