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marshland / болотистая местность
имя существительное
болотистая местность
marshland, fenland
имя существительное
land consisting of marshes.
Mostly these long-term anoxia-tolerant species inhabit bogs, wet marshlands , pools, river banks, and salt marshes or else are accustomed to survive long periods under a closed ice-layer.
And under the benign gaze of such governments, the poor have filled up marshland , resurfaced uneven land, all with their own labour, and built their homes.
Roads penetrate deeper and deeper into what were once pampas, dense forests and marshland .
The fenlands of eastern England were originally marshland , but have been turned into rich farmland by efficient drainage.
Acadian farms, dependent on dikes and the development of marshland , were self-contained and achieved high levels of production of cereals and apples, and then of livestock.
In seeking to set aside actual swamp and marshland , local advocates found that while wetlands abounded, they were highly altered by human action.
The bayous and marshland of southern Louisiana host one of the largest agglomerations of industry in North America.
The wetland park, which will soon be the animal's permanent home, will cover 64 hectares of land and include tropical marshland .
New Orleans is a city built on silt and drained marshland , positioned at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
This, he said, is backed up by remnants of nibbled grass in the mound, which he thinks shows livestock were brought to graze on land that was once boggy marshland .
The rest is designated as prairie and marshland , winding throughout the development and sometimes right up to back porches.