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marshal / маршал, судебный исполнитель, гофмаршал
имя существительное
судебный исполнитель
bailiff, marshal, lawman, executor, officer of the court, fiscal
наводить порядок
торжественно вести
располагать по порядку
graduate, marshal, range
имя существительное
an officer of the highest rank in the armed forces of some countries, including France.
Now, fully half of Napoleon's marshals had started their careers as common soldiers.
a federal or municipal law officer.
Federal marshals estimated that the birdmen, in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, killed thousands of birds over a five-year span.
an official responsible for supervising public events, especially sports events or parades.
More than 400 people will be supporting the event, many being reunited after working as marshals during the Commonwealth Games.
arrange or assemble (a group of people, especially soldiers) in order.
the general marshaled his troops
combine (coats of arms), typically to indicate marriage, descent, or the bearing of office.
However, they were often infringed when two or more different arms were combined (or marshaled ) within one shield and two tinctures that should in principle not touch each other necessarily became adjacent.
The authority for fire regulations for each state is governed either by the fire marshal or the state department of health.
Now he is coming back to town to settle things with the marshal who had apprehended him.
In 1935 officers' ranks were re-established, including the rank of marshal for the top five commanders.
Last year she helped to organise a national marshal training campaign, designed to make rallying safer, for the drivers and spectators.
You can call a fire marshal to inspect the house.
A local fire department or state fire marshal 's office can provide guidance on the minimum legal requirements.
And the grand marshal , the base's 366th Fighter Wing commander, got out at the reviewing stand.
The fire marshal 's office and county police responded and examined the package, then called the Virginia State Police.
Working on an emergency action plan with a fire department or fire marshal helps to build rapport in the event of an emergency.
Officials from the fire marshal 's office were gathering information at the site for most of the week, but would not release the cause of the fire.