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marry / жениться, вступать в брак, выйти замуж
marry, get married, espouse, pair off, take to wife, make a match
вступать в брак
marry, get married, intermarry, wed, make a match
выйти замуж
get married, marry, husband, pair off, make a match, tie up
join in marriage.
I was married in church
cause to meet or fit together; combine.
the two halves are trimmed and married up
expressing surprise, indignation, or emphatic assertion.
Marry he doth consider, that by the King's Majesty, with all your advices and the consent of the nobles of the realm, he was called to the place.
Then, after almost a day of searching, they found a priest who agreed to marry them on the spot.
most Chardonnays don't marry well with salmon
So, we were engaged and had no real plan's to marry until the quite distant future.
Grilled Swordfish works beautifully with a big, buttery Chardonnay because the richness of the fish and the toasty nuances from the grill marry well with those flavor elements in the wine.
Upon a husband's death, his wife is expected to marry his brother, who also assumes responsibility for any children.
We have lived together now for a little more than a year and plan to marry as soon as we can pay for the wedding and reception that we both want.
Some are eager to get married and have children - and have felt that way for years - others never plan to marry at all.
Ann told Morris she wanted to leave her husband, marry him, and move to America.
One need not become a Vermont resident to marry or enter a civil union there.
We planned to marry , but a week before the wedding she received a telegram saying that her brother, an RAF flying ace, had been shot down.