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marrowbone / мозговая кость, суть, сущность
имя существительное
мозговая кость
point, core, substance, heart, gist, marrowbone
essence, entity, nature, fact, spirit, marrowbone
имя существительное
a bone containing edible marrow.
Trotters with marrowbone is another St John-style dish.
Cook the marrowbone for 15 minutes in boiling salted water.
Sometimes she wangled a large marrowbone to cook with our meat ration and lots of vegetables, this lasted a couple of days.
Trotters with marrowbone is another St John-style dish.
My belief is that only for him she'd give up the battle, and be down on her marrowbones asking for mercy.
Marrow rich bone thus would have wound up in cooking pots, and after the marrow was consumed the marrowbones were discarded on site, ultimately ending up in the zooarchaeological samples recovered.
The Admiral, now on his marrowbones , immediately gave in, to prevent, as he said, the unnecessary effusion of blood.
At these speeches my tender-hearted host fell down on his marrowbones , meaning indeed to entreat his audience to be good to him.
The other soup, Kapusniak, was made from sauerkraut cooked in water with marrowbones , pork meat and pork sausages, carrots, knob celery, parsley roots and onions.
Tom sat in armchair and leaned on his hands, putting elbows on his marrowbones , he wanted to hear everything.