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married / замужем, замужняя, женатый
имя прилагательное
married, espoused
married, hitched, ringed
married, hitched, ringed, espoused
имя прилагательное
(of two people) united in marriage.
a married couple
имя существительное
a married person.
we were young marrieds during World War Two
join in marriage.
I was married in church
cause to meet or fit together; combine.
the two halves are trimmed and married up
We wouldn't have been talking like this about an opposite-sex couple, married or unmarried.
Is it merely a matter of impulse control, the same as a married person resisting the daily barrage of sexual imagery in everyday life?
The fundamental issue in question here is whether the state ought to give preferential treatment to married people.
he's married to golf
The problem is that the religion that is married to science today will be a widow tomorrow because scientific methods and theories come and go.
For them forestry is married to food production; it is essential for providing stable, perennial supplies of water for drinking and for irrigation.
But his passion for science is only fully manifested when it is married to religion.
There is an irony in comparing how the law is moving in relation to married and unmarried couples on this issue.
The objector said spouse is a term widely recognized in Georgia as applying only to one's legally married husband or wife.
Eventually they cohabited and married but things were never that simple for the prickly couple who were both too independent to settle easily into married life.