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marriageable / достигший брачного возраста, взрослый
имя прилагательное
достигший брачного возраста
marriageable, nubile
adult, grown, big, marriageable, grown-up, full-grown
имя прилагательное
fit, suitable, or attractive for marriage, especially in being of the right age.
She has become the noble and marriageable daughter of a wealthy feudal lord.
Once a year, according to Herodotus, it was the Babylonian custom to assemble all the village girls of marriageable age and hold an auction.
On the negative side, they will have a harder and harder time finding marriageable men with comparable education levels…
Girls became marriageable after graduation from the bush initiation school.
Bright colors are usually avoided, but scarlet is popular among girls of marriageable age.
The rise over the first three years reflects increasing coverage, plus an annual 7.4% increase in numbers reaching marriageable age.
She has become the noble and marriageable daughter of a wealthy feudal lord.
Such a distinction reflects the importance of society's expectations about marriage, and, more importantly, about marriageable age.
It always seemed to me that half the teenage young woman of the community deemed themselves of marriageable age and were out looking to be courted.
It turned out that she had arranged for him to meet a queue - literally - of marriageable young ladies; each and every one of them convinced that she would be the next Duchess.
You will see not only grown and marriageable daughters, but also quite little girls sitting out all over the place to sell their delicacies.