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marquis / маркиз
имя существительное
marquis, marquess
She was the daughter of a marquis , Sir Armand de Calais.
She mumbled briefly, acting the part of a very immature child of eight years, no more and no less; her mother ignored this and prompted Christine to return to a more important topic of conversation: the marquis .
Paulina is now faced with having to marry the marquis .
The Venetian republic forbade its citizen nobles (those who sat in the Consiglio Maggiore) from assuming titles such as prince, duke, marquis , or count.
But from 1385, the establishment of superior titles of duke, marquis , and viscount pushed barons into the lowest rank of the nobility.
Well, technically he is a marquis until his father passes on and the title of duke will be officially his.
One question in a recent local quiz evening was: ‘Which is the higher ranking, an earl or a marquis ?’
The servants of a duke or marquis had seven rows of curls on their state wigs, six on their house wigs and five on their carriage wigs.
After receiving permission from the duke of Cardona, viceroy of Cataluna, to proceed into Spain, she remained some weeks under the protection of the marquis de los Velez in Zaragoza.
Griselde, once again, accepted her fate and protested her love for the marquis , solely requesting her dignity upon exodus from the palace.