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marquee / шатер, большая палатка
имя существительное
marquee, pavilion, tabernacle
большая палатка
marquee, circus tent
имя существительное
a rooflike projection over the entrance to a theater, hotel, or other building.
Along the sidewalks, giant signs and marquees hung from the buildings.
a large tent used for social or commercial functions.
Organisers are planning to have lots of stalls and attractions - and are desperate for donations of tents and marquees to provide shelter for these.
Owners might be concerned about lost revenues if the preseason were shortened, but losing a marquee player certainly doesn't help the league put its best product on the field.
Most of the marquee players come from the defensive line and the defensive backfield, not the sexy positions like quarterback, running back, or wide receiver.
a marquee player
If the team looks for a tackle, he will not be a marquee player.
One entered the show next to a mock-up of a theater marquee and exited through a stage door that was part of a new, postscript installation made for the exhibition.
The municipality has also cleaned up and painted a storeroom which will become the competition's headquarters, along with a marquee for functions and rest areas.
A social gathering and refreshments in a marquee erected on the church's grounds will follow the ceremony.
Participants bring picnics to the marquee on the Green to enjoy a great social occasion and take part in a conversation with three leading authors.
The league had hoped that marquee players would give instant credibility to the fledgling league.
The team have invested too much in this season to trade their marquee player.