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marque / капером
имя существительное
a make of car, as distinct from a specific model.
It follows on from his current BMW, Mitsubishi, Fiat and Alfa Romeo franchises and neatly complements the current model ranges of those marques .
The C6 has been inspired by the great Citroens of the past, models that have helped the marque to establish a strong heritage in large cars.
Alvis, some say, was the best ever British motor car and this design recalls the plain bench seating and racy lines of the marque .
He has 155 previous convictions, mostly for stealing cars, and has a knowledge of car marques and specifications which few can match.
Fiat - which today also owns the prestige marques Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lancia and Maserati - enjoyed immense success and status at home.
Different brands, or, as they are known in the ‘auto trade’, marques , are primarily differentiated by chassis structure, engine quality, and detailing.
About 30 to 32 per cent of new cars sold in Bulgaria are French, with Peugeot, Citroen and Renault marques increasingly to be seen on the roads.
And at these rarefied heights it is popular marques such as Volkswagen, Peugeot and Renault, which recently entered the luxury market, that are bearing the brunt of the price falls.
After spending half his life abroad, he is now back in Britain, based in London, and excited by the prospect of overseeing the future shape of some of motoring's most prestigious marques .
It is believed that executive cars made by BMW and Volkswagen, which owns the Audi and Bentley marques , were considered but Jaguar, whose cars are made in Britain, came out on top in terms of value for money - and, of course, patriotism.
Independent garages that want to service, repair or sell a variety of marques will need to invest in many areas.