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marksman / меткий стрелок
имя существительное
меткий стрелок
marksman, sure shot, sharpshooter, dead shot, sniper
имя существительное
a person skilled in shooting, especially with a pistol or rifle.
a police marksman
When they were on the pavement, a police marksman immediately jumped out from behind the bus.
a police marksman
a police marksman
Police said the marksman grew concerned the situation would escalate and others could be hurt.
At midnight she heard one of four shots fired as a police marksman killed the rampaging stag.
After all, one doesn't become a high-class marksman from mechanical shooting ranges.
Both are expert marksmen , sharpshooters, snipers of great skill and reputation.
They want to do the things that they believe police marksmen do and military snipers do, so the selection of the rifle and the selection of the round fits into that.
A police car containing marksmen was used to try and herd the heifer towards the river, but it continued its rampage.
Police marksmen are having to make more and more split second decisions on whether to shoot an apparently armed person to protect the public.