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markka / марка
имя существительное
mark, stamp, make, model, markka, tap
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of Finland (until replaced by the euro), equal to 100 penniä.
The markka , or Finnmark, is the basic monetary unit.
More than 10 percent of Finland's exports are shipped by air and the stoppage would mean additional losses to Finnish industry of around 70 million markka per day.
Finnish bankers forecast that the outgoing markka will be overtaken by euro as the most used currency by the beginning of next week.
Finland granted its own currency, the markka , within the Russian Empire.
The markka , or Finnmark, is the basic monetary unit.
If you were a counterfeiter in Finland before the euro, and you wanted to counterfeit the markka , after about half an hour you would have produced enough to saturate the market.