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marking / маркировка, разметка, маркирование
имя существительное
marking, label, designation
marking, layout, setting
имя существительное
an identification mark, especially a mark or pattern of marks on an animal's fur, feathers, or skin.
the distinctive black-and-white markings on its head
The editing includes dynamic markings and pedal indications but no fingerings.
The most common American shorthair color is the silver tabby with dense black markings on a sterling silver background.
It has beautiful black and white markings on its head and the foregoing adults of both sexes have very long horns.
This is where the Doberman gets his short, gleaming coat, and the fine black and tan markings .
On her belly is a beautiful pattern of black and white markings .
They were of a copper color that was almost metallic, with black angular markings down the legs and around the waist.
It really is a handsome beast with black and green markings .
You can hardly see their faces under their manes, just black markings around the mouth and lolling pink tongues.
The tempo markings also use descriptive words, with a specific metronome marking given for each piece.
Wayward performances and an ambivalent attitude towards his score markings must be challenged.