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marketeer / торговец, купец
имя существительное
dealer, trader, vendor, tradesman, seller, marketeer
merchant, tradesman, merchantman, negotiant, marketeer
имя существительное
a person who sells goods or services in a market.
a consumer-goods marketeer
a consumer-goods marketeer
Also, as a marketeer I'm always looking for more money to spend - budgets can be quite constricting.
Each time the fire is experienced at the market, the marketeers were quick to point out about the need to put up permanent structures to avoid such incidents in future but this talk ends as soon as the dust settles.
Simultaneously, at the opposite end of the spectrum, corporate marketeers ponder how to most effectively court the young consumer.
Others are ravaged by hunger and thus spend their time at various marketplaces selling merchandise for marketeers to make ends meet.
And some marketeers at Soweto market in Lusaka have accused some members of the MAC of failing to run the market and advise the council correctly.
Billed by its advocates as the best-kept secret on the internet, search-engine marketing has become the medium of choice for thrifty marketeers .
They levy marketeers and traders all sorts of fees and have audacity to even allocate market stalls or cause expansions of these utilities without the consent of the council.
The discovery sparked complaints from marketeers , that some traders were using charms at the expense of others who were genuinely and honestly trading.
True to that, marketeers and police have from time to time clashed over market closures in the country in the face of epidemic outbreaks.