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marketable / товарный, рыночный, ходкий
имя прилагательное
trade, freight, marketable, tradable, vendible
market, marketable, nundinal, market-oriented
tradable, marketable, merchantable, merchant, saleable
имя прилагательное
able or fit to be sold or marketed.
the fish are perfectly marketable
But he said the county, with its lakes and mountains, had an eminently marketable image that could play well with the wider public.
On a global scale, and in many developing nations, water is a scarce and valuable, and clearly marketable , commodity.
Frustrated savers sell their bonds and put the proceeds in marketable commodities.
Kidding aside, the resolution said water was a basic human right and should not be treated as a marketable commodity.
From comics to card games, movies to merchandise, X-Men is undoubtedly one of the worlds most marketable brands.
English Heritage however, demanded proof that the building had no marketable use.
One of the most interesting - and potentially marketable - are natural aromas.
Increasingly, however, Canadians are writing novels set outside Canada, in order to be global and marketable .
But times have changed, and rugby league has once again become a very marketable commodity.
The other could be a more child-friendly and marketable animal mascot, which are very popular in sports.