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marker / маркер, метка, указатель
имя существительное
marker, mark, scorer, scorekeeper, billiard marker
label, mark, marker, notch, marking, score
pointer, index, indicator, cursor, signpost, marker
имя существительное
an object used to indicate a position, place, or route.
they erected a granite marker at the crash site
a felt-tip pen with a broad tip.
On last day of school you attempted to get me disqualified from my business exam by using a marker pen and writing on me
(chiefly in soccer) a player who is assigned to mark a particular opponent.
On one occasion he picked up the ball, spun his marker , played a quick one-two, dashed clear… and put the ball wide.
a person who records the score in a game, especially in snooker or billiards.
He strode in, startling the billiard marker , Thomas Budd, who was about to close the side door.
Lobster-pot fishermen really should be banned from using black marker buoys at this time of year - it gets very distracting.
Sanderson crossed from the left to Rae and the on-loan Berwick Rangers player rounded his marker with ease before slotting past the goalkeeper.
the aim of the marker is to help the student do better next time
When radiographs are taken to detect foreign bodies a metallic marker should always be placed at the site of the injury, tangential to the site of entry.
The Uruguay striker collected a ball on the edge of the penalty area, span past his marker and planted the ball into the bottom corner.
He took a small stone and tapped the marker stone that was positioned directly under the painting.
marker posts
Josemi tries to put Baros through with a long-throw, but the Czech striker fouls his marker and concedes a free-kick.
Quinn took the ball wide of his marker
Phyllis owed a marker in the neighborhood of $100,000