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marked / заметный, отмеченный, маркированный
имя прилагательное
perceptible, notable, conspicuous, noticeable, marked, appreciable
marked, registered
marked, labelled
имя прилагательное
having a visible mark.
plants with beautifully marked leaves
clearly noticeable; evident.
a marked increase in sales
make (a visible impression or stain) on.
he fingered the photograph gently, careful not to mark it
write a word or symbol on (an object), typically for identification.
she marked all her possessions with her name
show the position of.
the top of the pass marks the border between Alaska and the Yukon
(of a teacher or examiner) assess the standard of (a piece of written work) by assigning points for proficiency or correct answers.
the teachers are given adequate time to mark term papers
notice or pay careful attention to.
he'll leave you, you mark my words!
At each census the number of marked caterpillars still present and visible in each patch was recorded.
Intensive immunization campaigns have resulted in a marked decrease in polio throughout the world.
They ensure to the holder of the mark the goodwill associated with the marked product, which may entail considerable expenditure by the manufacturer.
The marked cards for the system come from United States Playing Card Co.
It has demonstrated long-lasting changes, with patients showing a marked reduction in service usage.
Requests are supposed to be passed on to the city's Clean Teams, gangs of four in special red uniforms and marked vans who not only pick litter but also prune and weed green spaces.
First, some recapture data were collected using the permanently marked individuals described above.
In his trading ventures he showed a marked preference for associating with men of the Low Countries rather than those of Lynn.
Its perhaps most marked feature are the enormous collars on the coats, a very contemporary gesture.
Two months later the patient complained of marked progression of symptoms.