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mark / оценка, знак, отметка
имя существительное
assessment, evaluation, rating, estimate, estimation, mark
sign, mark, character, symbol, badge, token
mark, marking, score, grade, tick, reference mark
note, mark, notice, register, flag, denote
mark, draft, draught
mark, flag, label
имя существительное
a small area on a surface having a different color from its surroundings, typically one caused by accident or damage.
the blow left a red mark down one side of her face
a line, figure, or symbol made as an indication or record of something.
Here are some useful sites for anyone needing to display diacritical marks , mathematical symbols, etc.
a point awarded for a correct answer or for proficiency in an examination or competition.
many candidates lose marks because they don't read the questions carefully
(followed by a numeral) a particular model or type of a vehicle, machine, or device.
a Mark 10 Jaguar
a target.
few bullets could have missed their mark
make (a visible impression or stain) on.
he fingered the photograph gently, careful not to mark it
write a word or symbol on (an object), typically for identification.
she marked all her possessions with her name
show the position of.
the top of the pass marks the border between Alaska and the Yukon
(of a teacher or examiner) assess the standard of (a piece of written work) by assigning points for proficiency or correct answers.
the teachers are given adequate time to mark term papers
notice or pay careful attention to.
he'll leave you, you mark my words!
Somehow, the brand of the magazine becomes the mark of quality rather than the individual work in it.
Some right-winger attempting to be ironic, some points hit a mark , some are hateful and off target.
as a mark of gratitude
The good weather added to the spectacle and everyone involved should be very proud of the celebrations to mark the Feast Day of our Patron Saint.
Who Wants to be a Millionaire did a little better but failed to top the million viewer mark .
he was sent off at the hour mark
If he is assigned a player to mark throughout a game, it is almost guaranteed that that player will not have a large impact on the game.
Celebrations to mark the big event were on a grand scale and went on for three nights.
In one part of the complex, crosses mark an area which has been designated as a graveyard.
I did point out to the minion who rang me that come next spring we were likely to be in a position to have a balance somewhere around the quarter million mark .