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maritime / морской, приморский
имя прилагательное
nautical, sea, marine, maritime, naval, salt
seaside, maritime, sea, littoral, seaboard, tide-water
имя прилагательное
connected with the sea, especially in relation to seafaring commercial or military activity.
a maritime museum
The hour-long ceremony alongside Southsea Naval War Memorial is intended to honour 9,000 maritime veterans of all nations.
Research has shown that ryegrasses grow throughout the year in a temperate maritime climate.
The first blocks to be explored are just a few miles away from Britain's proven Foinaven and Shiehallion fields, across a maritime border agreed by treaty two years ago.
The maritime climate ensures that there are very few winter frosts, allowing the cultivation of many tender and unusual plants.
With regard to the environmental condition, many of the examined samples contain a preponderance of ferns and lycopod types, indicative of a maritime climate.
The Treaty brought about a compromise in the dispute over maritime borders between the two countries and allowed the development of oil and gas resources to progress.
a small maritime town
But naval and maritime chiefs want more than a ‘one-year wonder’ to re-invigorate interest in the sea.
It really doesn't get down to Scandinavian lows here, but the humidity caused by our maritime climate makes a zero degrees day feel utterly bitter.
An acceptable balance of interests between maritime states and coastal states appears to have been achieved.