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mariner / моряк, матрос
имя существительное
sailor, seafarer, seaman, mariner, flatfoot, flatty
sailor, seaman, man, mariner, bluejacket, Jack
имя существительное
a sailor.
Perhaps these mariners were particularly skilled, sensitive to the marine environment, or just plain lucky.
имя существительное
a series of American space probes launched in 1962–77 to investigate the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury.
The lake's edges are pockmarked by hundreds of steep, narrow coves that provide absolute privacy for the cruising mariner .
I do not wish to try to pass myself off as an all-knowing mariner but I'd like to try to instill some focus on the recreational mariner 's obligations.
In The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, the mariner shoots an albatross and all the wind goes out of his sails.
Fortunately, a mariner qualified to command the finished vessel had been with the project from the start.
Charts and cruising guides abound that give the mariner the information needed on every mile of the canal system.
The most famous was, of course, Christopher Columbus, a Genoese mariner sailing for Spain.
A world War II wreck which is the final resting place of 690 British soldiers and sailors is to be moved to protect the lives of present day mariners .
Additionally well before any range activation, a notification will go in the papers as well as warnings to mariners and aircraft.
Some mariners , when they reach this point, choose to invest even more time and energy into their boat relationship to ensure its success.
Since medieval times, mariners have employed dead reckoning to navigate their vessels.