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marine / морской, судовой, военно-морской
имя прилагательное
nautical, sea, marine, maritime, naval, salt
ship's, marine
naval, marine, navy
имя существительное
marine, jolly, leatherneck
marina, seascape, marine, sea piece
морской флот
имя прилагательное
of, found in, or produced by the sea.
marine plants
имя существительное
a member of a body of troops trained to serve on land or at sea, in particular a member of the US Marine Corps.
Men who are recently out of the army or marines are favored to play hostile gunmen.
Beyond the increase in activity of the human kind, the dream of Scylla turning into an underwater haven for marine life looks to be turning to fruition.
Should we hire a marine surveyor to inspect the boat once it's returned to us?
The role of seapower in the revolt and after generated the marine painting of van de Velde the Younger and others.
In the case of a marine engineer, the highest post is that of a Chief Engineer.
Plants also feed the marine life and animals the carnivores among us eat.
It also damages plants and animals, including the plankton that sustains the marine food chain.
No one was injured and there just happened to be a qualified marine repairman on the dock when we put the boat into its slip.
Instead, they use sea minerals extracted from marine plants to reduce dimpling and improve skin tone.
He was a marine engineer, a world traveler, and it was from him that I acquired some of my wanderlust.
What the marine trades must develop, along with the schools, is an apprenticeship program.